I have been asked quite a bit lately to explain Paleo. Friends have asked me to describe it for them in plain and simple manner so that it is understandable and not all scientific. There is a lot of science to back the lifestyle and prove the benefits of Paleo, but we can get into that in another post.

fpg7Paleo is most commonly known as the “caveman” diet or Primal lifestyle. If the caveman could hunt it, gather it, pick it etc. he and his family could eat it. This meant that whatever meats (deer/elk, bison, lamb, goat, wild boar, moose, cow etc.), chicken/duck along with other poultry, fish and seafood he could catch or kill. It also meant, berries, nuts, fruits and greens that were indigenous to his family’s area of living and hunting.  In other words Paleo is eating Real Food.  Nutrient Dense Food that the earth and nature meant it to be, not the manufactured and chemically enhanced food that we typically see in our grocery stores today. The lifestyle should be free of enhancements, additives, dyes, artificial flavorings, artificial colors,,,,you get my point here.

Paleo also eliminates all forms of gluten, grains, soy, homogenized and pasteurized dairy and sugar. Along with the above, Paleo removes processed foods and emphasizes a diet of  whole food, nutrient dense foods, grass fed/grass finished, pastured or free range meats, organically grown vegetables and fruits free from pesticides and chemicals.

So to sum up what is Paleo to me and what I have been doing on my Primal Caveman Journey, here is a good and not so good(not paleo) list.

Good; Fruits, Vegetables, All Natural Free Range Meats, Seafood, Nuts & Seeds and Good Healthy Fats.

Not So Good; Dairy, Grains & Gluten, Processed Foods, Legumes, Starches and Alcohol.