Wow, what a couple of weeks I have had!

Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and rest, especially when you are OCD and hyper active. I may not  be the type of person that jumps around and goes for 5 mile runs every day but I am a very active person. I sometimes forget that running non-stop and getting close to “empty” can really effect someone with Autoimmune Diseases.
My last and first post of this series was about how well I have been doing since changing my lifestyle to Paleo. I want to share with everyone in the world what Paleo and eating Real Food has done for me. With that being said, food is not the only medicine for people like me.
Admitting the truth;
As my partner Daniel pointed out to me, I need to swallow my pride and seek medical advice. See, I have fallen into a little bit of a flair up with my Lupus and RA and given the fact that I am a very prideful person and I don’t like to admit defeat and I don’t like to sit still for very long this has been hard for me to admit. I am going to go back to my doctor and seek a little help but I am not sure that I will sir-come to taking a cocktail of meds again. Getting help does not always mean loading up on pills and shots.
What is “medicine” for me?
What I am going to do is rededicate my life back to the things that make me feel good and feel healthy. I am going to take my version of medicine. I love reading, therefore I am going to relax and read nightly. I love sitting on the beach, staring at the water and sunsets in the evening so I am going to make a point to go to the beach at least twice a week to meditate, pray and simply relax. I am going to step up my diet and eat even more nutrient rich foods, cook with even more nutrient fats. I can not only clean my body of toxins by doing this but also pump my body full of good nutrients and fat which does help the bones and joints. I am going to set boundaries with myself and others so that I have time to do these things. Last but not least I am going to learn to rest and truly sleep again knowing that whatever it is can wait until tomorrow to be done.
Remember to take care of yourselves and those around you.
Live Peace, Have Joy & Share Love,Marc A. RoarkStay tuned;
In my next post, I will share some updated recipes, pictures, progress report and I am working on a discount to a meal delivery service for those that can’t cook or just don’t want to but want to start eating Paleo.