So I have lived in Florida now for 4 years and I have missed camping so much, but it always seems to hot to camp down here. For years I used to tent camp and loved it so much and then I got spoiled when I had a camper. Well when I moved to Florida and left Michigan behind me, the camper stayed there as well. So really my hesitation was going back to tent camping

Daniel and I finally picked a time to go when it would not be to hot and we thought not to cold, spring break. We picked the park, reserved our site and I started collecting and planning like I used to do. Totes starting filling with my OCD organizational “skills” and come Monday morning we were off to Myaka River State Park.

IMG_3237We arrived and started setting our site up, getting everything livable for the next 4 days. After finally having dinner and relaxing by the fire for a bit and maybe an adult beverage or two, it was time to go to bed. It was such a great feeling to be “off grid” and “out of reach”, laying out in the wilderness listening to the wind blow and the night sounds. IMG_3256Well the wind started picking up and it started to rain, then the wind started picking up even more. Next we heard the park ranger come into our site and tell us that a tornado was coming and we needed to take cover. I am going to admit, we did not move because we just figured it was a bad storm and would pass. Boy were we wrong, it hit and hit hard. In a matter of minutes I had the puppies in the jeep and was wasting no time to get out of there. Unfortunately Daniel did not make it out in the same fashion and was trapped in the tent with the walls blown in, the poles came down and a tree fell in our site and landed right in front of the door, missing him by less than 6 inches. To say that the first day was adventure filled would be an understatement.


Days 2, 3, and 4 were so much better. Relaxing, and just enjoying the time together and living an “off grid”, “primal” life for a few days. It was almost like we had stepped back into time and were learning new ways to live and cook. I think sometimes it is nice to go back and remember how things were before technology took over our lives and homes. It did surprise me at how fast our natural instincts to survive and live without modern conveniences kicked in. Cooking on a little gas/propane stove, baking and cooking on an open fire, having to wash dishes in dish pans and heating up the dish water on the open fire in a kettle.IMG_3262

My favorite part of this trip was being able to stay Paleo while I was out camping. I had specifically packed items that I could eat and brought all Paleo friendly meals. Since we had coolers as our main source of keeping items cool we brought frozen meats and fresh veggies so that they would last longer but yet be ready to eat when we decided to cook. I even took my beloved Beef Bone Broth from Paleo On The Go LLC but repackaged it in glass jars so I could in a heat in a water bath on the open fire.

We enjoyed sightseeing, taking nature walks and just stepping away from “reality” and all of the chaos of the city. To be completely honest, I could have stayed for a month!





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